Friday, January 26, 2007

Mosquito 0.2 Sneak Peek: Highlighting Differences

I'm going to release a Mosquito 0.2 in several days with a really cool feature. It will be able to save some screenshots as as a "reference" ones. Later, while crawling your site again along with new screenshots you'll get difference heatmaps generated which will make it able to spot diffs in a matter of seconds.

Here're two samples: Opera Signup Page Diff (reference image, current image) - you can see a layout bug in the footer was fixed. And 3 screenshots from the site I'm developing in my spare time: diff, reference and current images. You can spot even a functional change here.

So, stay tuned. Mosquito 2.0 is about to be released in a couple of days!


Shalev said...

This looks amazing!

Is it Mosquito 0.2, or 2.0 (the title of the post and your statement at the end differ).

m said...

i noticed the diff function acts funny if the screenshots end up being different heights.

this IS an awesome tool, and i was looking for something that did exactly what this does a couple nights ago! keep up the work!